The perils of book publishing

The romantic notion that writing a book is this etherial thing and transformative in a cabin somewhere overlooking a lake is super nice but far from the reality I encountered.

Number one it was not a novel. It was a cookbook so i needed access to a kitchen, ingredients and supermarkets. The lake location was definitely gone.

But it’s true when they say that you need to tackle it like a normal job, with structure and method and not solely dependent on inspiration.

There were times I would simply not do much more than a couple of recipes because I had other activities or the recipe wouldn’t work and I had to repeat it. So it does take time. Setting myself hard deadlines for writing it was not a good idea. Much better to let it flow.

Up until the publication it was a roller coaster of needs and emotions and work to do beyond writing it.

A big lesson learned for next time I venture into another book - now with other eyes, knowledge and community behind it that I can trust.

Looking forward to seeing it where this all goes.

Isabel Montoya