MY mission

What i truly desire is that people embrace food as another tool of self love and respect for themselves. Same way we go to a movie or travel because it feeds our soul, I crave for me and those around me the same level of joy and freedom one takes on a holiday somewhere. Freedom lifestyle represents precisely that. And mostly, the endless capacity to adapt and adjust our lives not only on regular daily circumstances but around food also. Let the knowledge of ingredients and passion for health be spread to empower our life and not to obstruct it.

For anyone embarking on a diet, living with allergies or restricting foods, the prospect of cooking and living a sociable life that feels inclusive and integrated is sometimes a challenge.

My mission is to bring simplicity to this process. Fit food into a broader lifestyle choice and prove that a food restriction is not a curse. Whatever you can eat I am sure is plenty and packed full of goodness already. Mindset is key to see this journey as a constant adventure and embrace it for all the wonders it will bring.