I am Isabel, a Portuguese girl living in London. I grew up in Lisbon where the sun shines, food is tasty and fresh and where my love of food began.

Over the years i embarked on a number of diets - what can I say - and experimented with different ways of eating and exercise. I got to understand myself and my relationship with food quite well. We have a love-love relationship of sorts. I love ingredients, scents and the explosion of flavours and certain foods love me a bit too much sometimes….

That’s when the diet would kick in. But, despite the roller coaster, the love remained for FOOD. What truly changed in time was the love for MYSELF.

Finding balance and peace around it has been my key focus.

Eventually life led me to eat gluten free and venture in baking in a more conscious manner and healthier. Always aiming to reduce sugars and use only unrefined sources and top ingredients.

More recently this passion developed into recipe testing and creating content that i could share with the world. Although cakes and desserts continue to be my preferred area, the healthy lifestyle and mission revolves around every day life and all other types of meals.

Now a bit older and maybe wiser my priorities are clearer and embracing Freedom in all its wonderful forms is my goal. Time spent doing what I love is integral to that which includes food but also pottery, exercise, traveling and other little pleasures in life.

Thank you for stopping by.